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Owlsome Group was established in 2008 as the sole distributor of Hitachino Nest Beer in Hong Kong & China. After a few tough years during the startup period, the craft beer scene soon took off, and we quickly realized that the beer greatly compliment the cosmopolitan dining culture of Hong Kong. In 2014, the Group brought in the city’s first soup curry restaurant SAMA, a very popular soup curry restaurant chain in Sapporo, Japan. By leveraging the Group’s strong relationship with Kiuchi Brewery, the city in 2016 witnessed the opening of the Hong Kong Hitachino Nest Beer Brewery in Fotan, New Territories. In the latest portfolio expansion, the Group proudly became the exclusive distributor of Hargreaves Hill’s products in the city.

Acquiring a global footprint, the Group has built a partnership with the Chairman Group with its investment in Lilotang, a modern Japanese restaurant in Canberra, Australia. In 2016, furthermore together with Kiuchi Brewery, and master chef Noriyuki Sugie, the Group opened a wagyu themed restaurant ‘Hitachino Beer & Wagyu’ in San Francisco, USA. It is the Group’s ambition to spread unique Japanese culinary experiences from the dining tables of Asia to the world.

Room 2902-03 Tower Two
Lippo Centre
89 Queensway, Admiralty
Hong Kong

E: beowlsome@owlsomegroup.com
T: 25370415
F: 25370416

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